6 May 2021

Loewen Legal Hub advises the producer of Draw Distance games

Cooperation with another company from the NewConnect market is a great satisfaction for us. The NewConnect market is a constantly developing segment of the public market with many interesting companies. The lawyers of Loewen Legal Hub have extensive experience in cooperation with companies from this market and this is another project where we can use our experience – emphasizes Szymon Kaczmarek, partner at the Loewen law firm.

The game producer points out that the aim is to use the acquired funds for development, including the production of the game, strengthening the team and the implementation of a research and development project developed within GameInn.

The most well-known production of the studio is “Serial Cleaner”; it has been announced that the premiere of the continuation of the game will take place in 2021.

Draw Distance SA is an independent game developer from Krakow. It has been listed on the NewConnect market since 2016.

Funds for development – up to PLN 4.5 million – are planned to be obtained by issuing up to 2,250,000 series C ordinary bearer shares in an open subscription. The issue price of series C shares will be determined by the Management Board and will not be lower than PLN 2 per share.