2 March 2022

FamiCordTx raised PLN 16 million from the pre-IPO share issue

The legal service of the transaction was provided by the Loewen Legal Hub team. The funds from the share issue will be used for the first phase of clinical trials of an innovative cancer therapy called CAR-T. FamiCordTX is planning an IPO and a stock exchange debut in the following year.

FamiCordTx is a company from the PBKM group, which is the majority shareholder. In July 2021, Loewen Legal Hub advised FamiCordTX on share issue in favour of NextCell Pharma AB – the transaction resulted in the launch of the production of the cutting-edge CAR-T cell therapy.

CAR-T is a cellular technology of Chimeric Antigen Receptors that combines two state-of-the-art concepts: cell therapy and genetic engineering. The basic concept is to use the unique property of lymphocytes to recognize and kill cells, and then equip them with a genetically created receptor that allows them to recognize cancer cells.

Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych was established in 2002 as one of the first stem cell banks in Poland. In 2006, it began its international expansion under the FamiCord brand, offering services also outside Poland. Currently, the FamiCord Group is the largest stem cell bank in Europe and the fifth largest stem cell bank in the world.