22 June 2023

Olavion sp. z o.o. from the Unimot S.A. group expands its fleet of electric locomotives

On 13 June, 2023 Newag S.A. concluded a contract with Olavion sp. z o.o. for the sale of four modern Dragon 2 electric locomotives. The contract also provides the right to a potential order for an additional 16 locomotives, until 31 December 2025. Under the contract, Newag S.A. will also provide maintenance services.

This is another transaction involving Olavion sp. z o.o. in which Loewen was pleased to participate. The value of the contract depends on the extent to which Olavion sp. z o.o. may exercise the option to purchase additional locomotives and select the configuration of individual locomotives. The estimated value of the contract is PLN 74 million net and, including the right to sell additional sixteen locomotives, PLN 304 million.

Olavion sp. z o. o. was represented in this transaction by advocate Szymon Kaczmarek.